Radicals Respond to Land Reform Proposals


From Birnam to Holyrood.

Scotland has the most concentrated land ownership patterns in Europe and significant reform is long overdue claimed Radical Independence Campaigners today, the final day for consultation on Government land reform proposals.

“RIC welcomes the consultation and the bringing forward of proposals as the first, vital step in achieving significant land reform in Scotland. It is encouraging that the government see their proposals as part of a process rather than an end-point.” said RIC’s Duncan McCabe.

While supportive of most of the proposals, especially the development of an open, public register of land ownership and restrictions on ownership by legal entities registered in tax havens or secrecy jurisdictions, the Birnam submission goes much further and looks at longer-term measures to address large-scale land ownership.

Birnam workshop coordinator Simon Brooke said;

“A highly progressive form of land taxation should be investigated as a replacement for council tax and…

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