The left is dead. Long live the left.

A Thousand Flowers

I’ve been Yes since before the question was Yes or No. I’ve been pro-independence for so long that it all feels unreal sometimes. How can the astounding level of political engagement Scotland is seeing be happening, when this was always just a pipe dream? Two weeks til squeaky bum time and my bum is all squeaked out.

It’s hard not to be optimistic about independence. It’s infectious. Somewhere deep within me the teenager who dreamt that maybe, one day within my lifetime (I could never have imagined it could be within a decade!) the toxic UK could be broken, is quietly optimistic that the unprecedented levels of new voter registrations can work in our favour. Maybe, come 7am-ish on September 19th, we really will be dropping our third ecky rather than weeping into our cornflakes.

Canny eat my cereal today, it’s full of salty unionist tears

Of course like every…

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